Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis with Custom Remodeling

In the Atlanta remodeling industry, the bathroom seems to be the most popular room for renovations.

Homeowners want to transform their small, old bathroom into a sanctuary used to escape from everyday stessors, even if only for the duration of a shower.

It is in this circumstance when Blake Shaw Homes, an Atlanta-based custom home builder and remodeler, utilizes new technologies and features to create a place that is spacious, luxurious and designed for relaxing.

Typically a bathroom remodel takes two months to complete. Blake Shaw Homes starts by removing the current fixtures and basically demolishing the space.

Throughout the duration of the project, Blake works closely with the homeowners, giving them his expert opinions, but letting them choose which features to include in the new bathroom.

If the remodel includes an older bathroom that has begun to leak around the bathtub, then Blake will replace any rotted wood and build a sturdy foundation for the remodel.

After just a short amount of time, Blake Shaw Homes has turned an out-dated bathroom into a quality-built spa bath that is tailored to desires of the homeowner.