Testimonial from Tracy and Rob

Dear Blake,

I want to thank you for being such an honorable person. You keep your word, and you sincerely try to make things right whenever there is a problem. In this world where too many people think integrity has nothing to do with business, a person who takes his character and honor to work (instead of just leaving them in his personal life) stands out as exceptional. People often ask us about our builder, and I’m always able to say honestly that you have been great to work with and that you build a high quality house. You try to do things right even in areas that are behind the scenes. A dryer repairman came last week and said he usually sees exhaust pipes to the exterior that are plastic and convoluted, but that ours was installed properly—made of metal and laid out as straight as possible. As I’ve said before, I think you have an incredibly difficult job with many responsibilities and stresses. I respect how well you take care of all of the details and bear the weight of it. You’ve always stayed calm and level-headed in every dealing we’ve had with you, and you don’t shirk responsibility. Tell your momma we think she raised you right!

Warmest regards,

Tracy and Rob