Testimonial from Jordan and Allyson Kiel

It is obvious that Blake enjoys what he does- he is a true artist. 

 My wife and I decided to build with Blake because of his creativity and value added suggestions.  We had developed a plan with a local architect and were intently focused on finding a builder who could best execute our plan within our strict time and price requirements. We interviewed many builders who promised to do just that.

 When we met with Blake at a friend’s suggestion, he took a few days with our existing plan and came back with some subtle, but invaluable changes to our plan.  It was immediately clear that Blake shared our creative vision, but was able to visualize the finished product so that he could improve upon the plans.  His building and creative expertise was crucial in turning a “good” product into a “great” one.  

 Since completion, Blake has done a great job of staying available for any follow up questions, touch up needs or issues.

 All of our guests comment on the attention to detail, use of space, and “flow” of our new home. I would highly recommend Blake for anything from a remodel to a new project.