Testimonial from David and Benita Nelson

When we decided to move to the Georgia Club, we knew we needed a house that would take us from a home with two teenagers to empty nesters within 5 years. We poured over house plans, interviewed 4 builders and decided to contract with Blake Shaw.

Blake immediately picked up on our needs and was very willing to work with our level of expectations as well as within a reasonable budget we had set for ourselves.

He allowed us to get very involved in the process, and the result was a house that met all of our expectations and was built in a very tight time frame, as we were trying to be complete before the new school year began.

His use of a professional interior decorator assured us that the decisions we made from paint colors to granite selections were sound and would enhance the overall quality of the home. His special ceiling treatments were one of his most unique trademarks.

Blake was a pleasure to work with every step of the way. From numerous and long meetings before we broke ground, to accepting a few changes midstream, as well as follow-up after we moved in; he has never disappointed us.

Personable, professional, honest and ethical….we would definitely recommend Blake Shaw to build your custom home.