Choosing the Best Contractor for Your Project

Choosing the right contractor for your project is the most important part of the remodeling process.

More than likely, you have asked friends and family members to recommend a contractor that they had a great experience with and tell you that you can trust.

Regardless, there are so many "horror stories" about projects going bad or companies going under in the midst of a project and leaving it unfinished that you are no doubt hesitant to fully trust anyone with such an important task.

With so many companies in the metro Atlanta area, what is the best way to decide upon a contractor for a remodeling project and be comfortable with your choice?

Well, here are a few steps that will ensure you are getting a true professional who will earn your trust and make you feel at ease.

First, get bids from several contractors. This is the best way to eliminate any doubt that you are being over charged for your project. Having many bids will give you a solid idea of how much it should cost to complete the project.

Be sure to avoid contractors that are significantly higher and lower than the average. There will be an obvious price for what the job should cost, choose a contractor that offers a bid close to this price.

Research the contractor's past projects that are similar to yours. This way you can get a realistic idea of what your end product will be. If it is along the lines of what you had in mind, then move on to the next step.

Ask for a client list and speak with previous customers. This is probably the most important step in choosing a contractor. Try to choose clients that had similar projects.

Ask if they were happy with the services provided and would recommend the contractor to a family or friend.

Try to get specific examples of what the client did and did not like about the company.

Remember, there are many remodeling companies in the metro area, including Blake Shaw Homes, so shop around and find the Atlanta remodeler that you feel the most comfortable with.